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The problem, it's marketing 101 we focus on the numbers. Are you looking for sales, brand positioning, product awareness, relationship awareness etc. Then we look for your measure of success - increase in sales volume, net promoter score, product recall or sentiment etc. Once we agree on the numbers then the secret sauce is our creative - we will design a campaign that best achieves your measurement of success working together as partners.



Humes 95 Year Anniversary

The Humes 95 Year Anniversary campaign is a fully integrated marketing programme designed to recognise the work Humes’s customers have completed over the past 95 years. The aim is to drive engagement with customers and reinforce the rich heritage of the Humes brand.

Customers can engage with brand by entering the competitions hosted on www.95years.co.nz using their provided 3D glasses to correctly identify historic Humes supplied projects from the past 95 years.

Several 360° cameras will be set up by Humes sales staff around NZ, their aim is to capture footage of the amazing projects currently underway involving Humes product. Once filmed and collated, customers will have the ability to immerse themselves in the world of Humes, able to experience these projects through the power of virtual reality.

Workhouse designed the creative for the campaign and delivered the following elements: The 95 Year Anniversary website, branded 3D glasses, tradeshow site collateral, promotional giveaways (shirts, lollies, hats), VR Headsets and 360 camera equipment.


GIB App Launch

GIB was looking to launch their new app to market and were looking for a creative solution to introduce the new functionality and general usefulness of the app to kiwi builders.

Partnering with Workhouse to develop the creative, a series of print ads and digital banners were designed. “We have launched the new GIB app” focusing on the launch aspect of the call-to-action, the rocket man creative was chosen to showcase the innovativeness of the app as well as using it as a play on words.

Eboss Specifier Insights

Eboss sought the specialist creative skillset of Workhouse to deliver a visually appealing rendition of their in-depth market data. Workhouse delivered a high quality A4 brochure for Eboss’s specifier base, including setting the tone of the publication and delivering the creative data visualisations.

A5 horizontal Brochure Cover.jpg
A5 horizontal Brochure Display.jpg
A5 horizontal Brochure inside .jpg

Anchor True Rewards

Anchor was looking to create a loyalty programme to retain their customer base and drive new customer loyalty. In addition to maintaining and growing the customer base, Anchor sought to drive more sales per customer by incentivising good behaviours.

Workhouse was commissioned to create an RFP to evaluate the various loyalty providers in New Zealand, including suppliers such as Fly Buys and Air Points. Anchor was looking for a tailored solution for customers but also wanted to leverage the existing capabilities of the top tier supplier base.

Workhouse managed the entire project from conception to the eventual execution of the launch. Branding of the programme, the structure of the rewards and the integration into the Anchor business were managed as part of this project.

Anchor Rewards Portfolio 1.jpg